#4 Womans March


Everyday I walk in the truths provided by my skin and genitalia.
I'm black. I'm a woman. A victim, I'm not.

The Women's March-LA was an awesome event to partake in. Walking through the streets of LA with some of the most influential and powerful women society has to offer was amazing. The sister-energies seemed to travel through the concrete we walked on into my spirit and the spirits of all the other men and women around me. For the first time in a while I regained a little hope in America.

Being a woman is something I have never shied away from. I love my femininity and embrace it no matter what disadvantages have come from it. I'm courageous, brave, strong and gentle --- all women are. 

We live in a world that shuns us daily as we shine, but we’re surviving, we’re resilient, we have each other and together we’re a force. 

I hope that this movement sparks a fire in all women to keep fighting and that the patriarchal entities (fuck boys) we live amongst notice the necessity and vitality of the woman.

Women create life, women balance a home, women make love warm, and a woman can bring your world crashing down.

- Working Girl